Macaronesia Wildlife Adventure

Discover the flora and fauna of one of the most remote regions of the planet while enjoying a complete ocean sailing experience

Six islands, 280 miles of pure Atlantic navigation, trade winds in our favor, and the observation of amazing animal species are the main attractions of this exclusive trip designed for navigation and the wild nature lovers.

7 unique days sailing

Exploring one of the most breathtaking areas in our planet

Watching bird and cetaceans in their natural habitat a few meters away

Main birds and cetaceans in our route

The definitive guide to discover the more than 30 bird and cetacean species in the Macaronesian region, including the main characteristics and origin of the landscape they inhabit.

Navigation in the Macaronesian Region

Navigation notes and all the meteorological information that you need to know before setting sail to one of the most beautiful sailing routes of our planet.